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If I don't respond right away that just means I'm buried to my eyes in RL things to do, so don't worry if I don't respond to you quickly. I'm looking forward to playing with you all.

You may also use this as an hmd post, give me any advice and tips on playing China! Comments are all screened, IP logging off, and anon-enabled. Please poke me RIGHT AWAY if you think I'm doing something wrong, or you think I could do something to improve.

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China (Wang Yao)
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Player: Rina

Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia

Canon Point: October 1, 2015

Alignment: Peromei

Date of Entry: 11/05/2015

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(How the front entrance looks.)

Located near Lake Niras, Jade Dragon Bathhouse and Spa is exactly what its name implies, but with East Asian themes. That being said, customers are not allowed to be clothed when in the bathing/wet area. Of course, men and women have their own separate bathing areas for that reason, but there are also dry areas where clothing provided by the spa is worn and there is general mingling. So guests who are shy, or just don't want to be naked around other people, may refrain from entering the wet areas of the bathhouse and just enjoy the dry area if that is what they wish.

Now, there are certain customs and unspoken rules when it comes to East Asian public bathhouses, so to help customers who are unfamiliar with said customs and rules, Yao made a pamphlet that explains them all. They can be found in a neat pile on the front desk.

This establishment is owned by Yao Wang (China), who wanted to bring some more Eastern themes to Verens. Public bath houses in East Asia tend to attract many tourists, so why not build one here too? While he drew the blueprints, he also received help from the Otherworlders and natives in actually building the pools. To honor those who helped, their names are engraved in the wall behind the front desk, so that everyone who comes in will see them. Along with the names of the native NPCs, the Otherworlder names on the wall are:

Dazai Osamu
Kunikida Doppo
Lu Meng

(If I missed anyone, please notify me so I can correct myself right away! I based this off of what names were listed on the task board along with those who told me out-of-game that their characters were helping with the construction.)

The facility gets its heating from the use of multiple fire cores. There is one in the water heater and each heated sauna room has its own fire core. Meanwhile, the main source of water comes from the nearby lake through a filtered channel system, but there are also water cores stored within the water tanks in the basement.

Customers will pay for admission at the front desk. The cost depends on which areas you plan to enter. For both the bathing and dry areas, the fee is 20 sylvs. If you plan on using just one area, it's 10 sylvs. You will be handed some generic clothing--a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, both red in color--if you pay the 20 sylvs, or 10 for just the dry area as this is the unisex clothing meant to be worn where there is general mingling. If you plan on using the bathing areas, then you will also receive one folded washcloth, one folded towel, and a small basket, which you can use to hold your personal shampoo and soap (if you brought it; if not, you can purchase some from the spa).

Customers will also be given a locker key on a coiled band with a number on it, which should be worn like a bracelet so it's less likely to be lost or forgotten. From this point, male and female customers go their separate ways. The first thing they'll see are rows of smaller lockers meant for their shoes. Just find the one with the same number that's on the key. From there you'll enter a room with more rows of lockers, but bigger; these are where any personal belongings should be stored, including your clothes. Once again, find the locker that has the same number as your key.

Bathing Area & Showers )

Dry Area/Saunas )

How Do Emotions Affect the Baths and Saunas? )

Dim Sum )
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Wei, this is Wang Yao.  I apologize for not being available at this time.  Please leave a message so I may reply back to you.  [beep]
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China (Yao Wang) | Gargoyle
1st changeHunger for humans; affinity for fire magic, including immunity to fire and the ability to make his skin hot enough to burn those who try touching him; night vision plus sharper eyesight. | October 31, 2014
2nd changeScales on his upper arms, shoulders, and back (his scar is still visible); more scales (but in patches) on his hands, chest, neck, sides, legs, and face (cheeks and around the eyes--the scales around his eyes are red and look something like this); all the rest of his scales are red and gold colored; ability to breathe fire; lizard-like claws in place of his fingernails and toenails; sharp fangs. | November 25, 2014
3rd changeLarge, red, scaly wings and scaly, talon-like feet capable of grasping; weakness to sunlight; direct exposure to sunlight results with him turning into a jade statue. | January 18, 2015
4th change(Only during the Fog) His round pupils become vertical and slit-like, and his eye color changes from brown to yellow. | date of change & thread link
5th changechange | date of change & thread link
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[Today is October 10 and it is drizzling in Johto. China can be seen walking around Goldenrod, holding a red umbrella over his head. His Glaceon, Meimei, happily jumps into puddles as she follows her master. China looks into the various shop windows until something in the music shop catches his eye.]

Oh! They actually have one, aru!


Hold the camera nice and steady, Meimei.

[China can be seen standing behind an interesting-looking instrument. He tests the strings first, before playing this song. Pay attention at how he's using his fingers. When he's finished he looks up at the gear, smiling gently.]

Today is my birthday, aru. Also, I first arrived in Johto on October ninth last year, a day before my birthday. [He sighs, but keeps smiling.] I have noticed that there are quite a few people who also have their birthdays in October, so consider the song I just played as my gift to you all, aru.
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[Today, it's not China's face or voice that is heard on the network, but that of his newly evolved Eevee--now Glaceon--Meimei. She's resting on the bed her master sleeps on while said master is in the bathroom taking a shower (with the door locked). She speaks a language that only Pokemon could understand.]

What do you all do when your master isn't with you? Because... [She sends a glance at the bathroom door.] I'm so bored. Or better yet, how do you propose I get him out of there quicker?
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[Hello, Johto, greeting you today will be a bunch of evolutionary stones lined up next to each other, stored safely behind a glass case in the Goldenrod Department Store. The camera pans all the stones before turning to China, who is the cameraman here, wearing his black hairdresser apron and holding his long hair up in a high ponytail.]

Aiyaa... I cannot pick, aru. I want everyone's opinion, which Eevee evolution do you think is the best?
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[When China turns on the feed, it's easy to tell he's sitting at the Pokemon Center, except he's not in Ecruteak anymore. He smiles at the camera.]

Nihao! I was hoping to give away all these eggs, aru.

[He moves the camera for it to focus on the eggs, which are all snuggled into a red warm blanket within a basket. After letting the camera take it all in for two minutes, China moves it back onto himself.]

I have Eevee, Dratini, and Bagon eggs. I can be found at the Center in Goldenrod and I can assure you that they'll all grow up to be just as beautiful and powerful as their mothers!

[If you look carefully, you might notice something moving under China's white sweater as well as a baby Chikorita napping on his lap. Oh, and hey! His hair's grown back and is now in it's usual ponytail once again!]

[OOC: There is still time to get an egg! There's one more Bagon slot open and two more Dratini slots! Here is the link.]
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[Good evening, Route, tonight China can be found within the Burned Tower. He's stepping along the floorboards carefully, so they won't collapse under his weight. China's voice can be heard off camera.]

This is where the three Pokemon were resurrected by the legendary Ho-Oh, aru... I wonder where they are n--Wa!

[One of the boards collapses under China's foot with a loud noise, causing him to stumble.]


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